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Web Design

Unlike conventional mediums the Internet is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Many people now use the Internet before the yellow pages or phone book, which means that you may have first crack at potential customers for your business. For a customer overseas or out of the area the Internet may be the only way for them to find your service.

Basic web sites

Maison 225 (Bed and Breakfast)
Holiday Home for summer rentals
Mas de la Forge (Variation of above)

Skydigi (e-commerce)

Unfortunately the Internet is not the answer to all your marketing needs it is just a tool in the battle for a larger market share. It allows you to place the information you want to be seen in front of the customer instantly, which is unparalleled by any single advertising medium. At red surf we have the expertise and experience to cater for your individual website needs including:- Java programming, Flash, Cold Fusion, cgi scripts, Actinic Catalog, Interbase and many other e-commerce platforms.

We offer an initial consultation service to discuss your exact needs free of charge. We put specific emphasis on tailor made web sites to exactly suit your requirements and budget. You can have as little or as much input regarding the design and style of the site as you wish. Our aim is to work with you in providing a concise, informative, well designed site to attract potential customers.

The questions you should ask is how much will this fantastic service cost me and what exactly do I get out of it.

The price is very much subject to the size of web presence you require and the following prices are based on a small buisness or house rental info site.


web design (4 pages)- e.g. intro page · contact page · directions · about us.
· Logo and image or two images on each page.
· 100 words of text per page or 400 in total.




.co.uk domain name


.com domain name


.fr domain name


web hosting (50MB)


100 words of text


Photos or Images that need modification


Subsequent web pages (100 words with 2 images)



Starts at £150€200

Database solutions

Starts at £200€280
 FlashStarts at £60€85
 Translation services (French - English)Starts at £60 

The web site is only the begining and needs to be promoted or distibuted. Search engines are good when someone is searching for a very specific service but more conventional advertising is often also required.

We also offer advise on setting up internet access, sky tv and cheap ways of keeping in contact with your friends back in the UK.